Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from our family to yours! We pray it is filled with joy and blessings that are only explained by the grace and provisions of God. We hope you will take on something new this year that will stretch your faith and that you will be wildly successful!! 

Here is to 2016!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Heading into the Holidays

Heaven2Earth week has been a blast here at the "Correa Compund". We are honored to be able to serve along side of an awesome group of people at Rescue House Church. Here is a recap of our week. 

The girls are working on their boxes for Operation Christmas Child. All 4 of the kids chose different age groups and really put a lot of thought into what they felt would be needed, balanced with a few fun want items. What an awesome way to teach our children that it's not about them and that being generous is not only a commandment, it is an honor and a priveledge to serve and give! 

Due to schedules, we split into a girls team and boys team this year. The girls and I helped clean and organize A Storehouse for Jesus. It was an opportunity to show the girls that there are great charities that help and we can support those charities and be the blessing to them that they are to others! 
Scott and the boys served at the Rescue Mission. In our area that is an mens homeless shelter with both meal service and housing. They served dinner and then played bingo where G spun the wheel and B called the numbers. The biggest impact was how grateful the residents were to win prizes we take for granted like shampoo. It's awesome to see young men invest in others in a time when the world teaches you to only focus on yourself...

““The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”
Matthew 25:40 NIV

Serving others is part of our family culture, I would encourage all families to do this at least one a year together. The  lessons it provides for our kids (and us) hold extreme value in our lives. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer Vacation 2015- Florida Fun!!

I am having a hard time believing we are already heading back to NC. We spend a week in Florida with Scott, Jodi, Maci and Reese and man was it fun!!!! We packed tons of stuff into a short amount of time, but it was totally worth the trip! 

Since Emily was a little girl (not that she is old now...) she has always said she was going to swim with the dolphins.... So while in Florida... she did!!! She and Morgan were able to spend some up close and personal time with 2 dolphins! It was sooooo cool!!! 

The smile on her face says it all! 

This picture says so much about Morgan! She is intense and dedicated to whatever it is she does! I loved this shot!

Our entire trip got planned around the University of Miami Baseball Camp. Gavin was attending and the rest of us were along for the ride. He had a great time, made some great new friends and met a few players who have already been drafted! 

"$G-Money$" putting in work in the cage. 

Day One.

While we were in town, we were able to catch a Marlins vs. Nats Game! Talk about a beautiful stadium and a fun night! Our seats were amazing!!!! Harper hit 2 out and the Nats won! 

Maci and Gav sat closer than us to begin with, but after the first inning we were able to join them! :) Smart move Momma!

To even catch Gavin smiling is rare so I will take the fussin' on this one just to have him smiling!

This is my favorite shot of the trip. I took it at one of the places we ate in Key Largo. It looks like a postcard, right down to the seagull on the pier! 

A tradition for Scott and I is to take a selfie wherever we go. This was a beautiful spot! Man it was hot, but it was a lot of fun! 

When Lope was off on Friday, he and I and the girls went to Flamingo Gardens. I got some awesome shots there and the girls got to touch a snake and an owl! The place was absolutely gorgeous!

This plant was so vibrant it looked fake! 

This picture doesn't do this tree justice. 

On our final night we went to Pizza Heaven and then had yogurt. Here is the only shot of all 6 of them together. Man, we are blessed!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hanging with Papaw....

The kids and I took a trip to the beach with Ginger and the boys and Meemaw and Papaw. Aunt Betty came too! We have had a lot of fun so far! I will let the pictures do the talking! 

Hard to believe how big the boys are getting. Blaine is 13, Gavin is 12.

This is all 6 of them playing on the beach! Emily and Morgan are now 7 and 6! 

We went on a cruise to see Dolphins and it was a blast! We saw a bunch of Dolphins and had a fun 2 hour boat ride in the ocean! We got wet! 
Papaw wasn't feeling up to the dolphin ride, but he has been able to get out on the balcony and watch the ocean. We've had some good long talks. 

This is what downtime looked like. Ha! Electronics all around! 

Pretty amazed at our many blessings.... 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eventful Weekend!

So, it's been an eventful weekend for the girls! Some good, some a little scary, but praise God everyone is ok! 
Morgan was hit in the face with a bat at softball practice. We are now on day 3 and still swollen and bruised.... Bless her heart! 
Emily lost another tooth! Such a fun time of growth and change! 

Sweet girls! 


Friday, April 17, 2015

Indiana Trip

We took a week off and went to Indiana to visit Scott's parents. We had a lot of fun! No reason to talk about it when I can show highlights in pictures! :)

The day we left Blaine got Braces!
A couple three sore days and all is well! 

Morgan and Grandpa working the iPad, lots of quality time with Grandpa and Grandma! 

We had to take a trip the the bat factory! 
Always fun! 

We walked across from Kentucky to Indiana on the bridge, this was all of our first experience with the walking bridge and was a great time for some exercise and family fun! 

The Easter bunny came all the way to Indiana! #howdidheknow 

We hid 83 eggs and the kids found 80 of them! We are expecting Grandpa to find the rest this year! Ha! 

Scott and I have a tradition of taking selfies when we go places. This was on the walking bridge with Louisville in the background #tradition #family #marriage

We went to a great fun park and here is our game faces for laser tag! #ratatattat we also did go karts, mini golf and....

Blaine hit the jackpot in the arcade!!! 1000 tickets!!!!! He is such an awesome kid, he got everyone else something with his jackpot winnings! #kindnesspaysoff #proudmom #greatkid

We visited the Patton museum and it was leadership GOLD! So excited about all that I learned! #allkidsliketanks 

We finished our last night at Jailhouse Pizza!! Flat Stanley was the only one who made it out.... #schoolproject 

We taught the boys to play spades and spent some great time just being together! #ilovemyfamily #makingmemories #blessed

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


It is beginning to actually feel like Christmas around here! It is hard to believe this year has gone by so quickly... I think I say that every year......

In the last few weeks we have been busy! Moe lost her first tooth, we bought a new tree, Emily and Morgan started gymnastics, Blaine sang his first solo and Gavin is playing basketball for the first time ever!

First tooth GONE! Tooth Fairy LOOT!!!!

This is Blaine singing his first solo in front of about 200 people! He did GREAT!!!!!

This is Gavin taking it to the hole! They haven't won yet, but they are improving every game!

Emily and Morgan were able to go with Aunt Ginger to a breakfast with Santa at their church. Love this pic! 

Man we are so blessed!!!! 

Can't wait to share more Christmas Pics!!!